Patch-base progressive 3D Point Set Upsampling

16$\times$ upsampling of a local patch.


We present a detail-driven deep neural network for point set upsampling. A high-resolution point set is essential for point-based rendering and surface reconstruction. Inspired by the recent success of neural image super-resolution techniques, we progressively train a cascade of patch-based upsampling networks on different levels of detail end-to-end. We propose a series of architectural design contributions that lead to a substantial performance boost. The effect of each technical contribution is demonstrated in an ablation study. Qualitative and quantitative experiments show that our method significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art learning-based and optimazation-based approaches, both in terms of handling low-resolution inputs and revealing high-fidelity details.



$16\times$ upsampling from 625 points

$16\times$ upsampling from 5000 points

$16\times$ upsampling from scan data

$16\times$ upsampling from virtual scan data


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