Yifan Wang

Yifan Wang

publish also as Wang Yifan

Computational Imaging Lab, Stanford

I’m a postdoc at Stanford University’s Computational Imaging Lab working with Professor Gordon Wetzstein. My research area lies in computer graphics and spans to computer vision and artificial intelligence. I’m interested in developing intelligent systems for automatic 3D creation and modeling, an area of paramount importance in the digital and immersive world we are living in today

Prior to my current position, I successfully completed my PhD at ETH’s Interactive Geometry Lab under the exceptional mentorship of Prof. Olga Sorkine-Hornung. Through my doctoral studies, I had the honor of collaborating with renowned institutions such as Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment (AICFVE) in Beijing Film Academy, the Imaging and Video group at Disney Research Zurich, the Creative Intelligence Lab at Adobe Research in Seattle, and the vision group at DeepMind.

My contributions to the field have been recognized through prestigious accolades, including being named an Apple AI/ML fellow and receiving the highly competitive Swiss Postdoc.Mobility fellowship. Moreover, I am humbled to have been awarded the esteemed ETH Medal in 2022 for my exceptional doctoral thesis and honored with the Best PhD Thesis Award by Eurographics in 2023.


05/2023: I am one of the 4 awardees for the Best PhD Thesis Award of Eurographics 2023.

03/2023: I will serve on the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Technical Paper Committee.

11/2022: I was rewarded an ETH Medal for my dissertation.

09/2022: Our paper Generative Neural Articulated Radiance Fields (GNARF) was accepted to NeurIPS 2022.

06/2022: I received the Swiss Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship from Swiss National Science Foundation.

01/2022: I defended my Ph.D. thesis and will start a new journey as a post-doc researcher in Prof. Gordon Wetzstein’s lab at Stanford. My thesis can be downloaded here from ETH Library

01/2022: After being rejected at NeurIPS 2021, Implicit Displacement Fields (IDF) is accepted to ICLR 2022. We thank all the reviewers, including both at NeurIPS and ICLR, for their time, hardwork and valuable advice. Overall, I had a great experience with Open Review."

Teaching and Mentorship



  • I co-supervised the following master theses and semester projects:
    • Sep 2020: Lukas Rahmann (Master thesis)
    • May 2020: Viviane Yang (Semester project)
    • Jan 2020: Lixin Xue (Semeter project)
    • Feb 2019: Lea auf der Maur (Master thesis)
    • Mar 2019: Felice Seren (Semester Project)